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M. A. D. E. Concept is a Spinoff of the University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, and is intended as innovative startup in the field of industrial design for the design and development of innovative systems and technology for marketing.

The demands of the market, the versatility of the architecture and new applications in the field of technology, we give life to new "experience" of shopping unique, in a selected market, accompanied by events and dedicated presentations that strengthen the concept of "shopping experience".

We rely on new styles of purchase, focused on the dynamism of the shopping. We put the scientific knowledge available to our clients in order to give life to new design objects with high technological content.

We combine talent and creativity in the perspective of innovation and cross-fertilisation of knowledge and different disciplines; we aim at the comparison between companies, young and creative research, encouraging the creation of new professional collaborations for the purpose of building immersive experiences and participatory.

The mission is to speed up consumption, by making the goods, providing the customer with the best solutions in terms of experential marketing , creating products and advertising events at 360° through the experiences of engaging in a constant dialogue with the consumer.

The long-term experience in the organization of events, we can assist companies and institutions in the design of strategic solutions based on the countless number of scenarios of the communication.

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